"I'm on the hunt for just 75 participants
willing to up their betting game with the most profitable &
Consistent back to win strategy I have ever created! "

Imagine what it would feel like opening your betting account to see a profit of +113 pts over the last 3 months of racing. To put things into perspective that’s

  • £11,384.80 minimum to £100 Bets
  • Betting to £10 per point would see you clearing £1,138.40 tax free profit
  • Average strike rate of 34.72%

To my soon to be betting partner,

It’s 2017 and the truth is mate … you don’t have as much money as you want to have or even as much money as you deserve!

So do yourself a favour?

Do whatever you need to do RIGHT NOW to make sure you’ve got at least 10 uninterrupted minutes to see everything on this page…

If you give me those 10 minutes, I promise you that you’ll close your laptop/tablet or phone with a massive smile on your face.


because by the end of it, you have a golden opportunity to not let what has happened to you in the past limit your potential in the future…

Today is going to be the day you’ll look back on as the day you found a way to make your betting pay off.

My name is Gary Grant and I’m the creator of the Easy Win System

My journeys probably very similar to yours, I got fed up of losing all the time following these hyped up “trading software’s” bet calculators… “tipsters”… and other complicated betting systems… So I decided to go at it alone, I’ve literally put my whole life into making this work, spending years of time and money on research, gathering contacts, and good old fashioned trial and error.

Easy Win System is just one of the many successful strategies I’ve developed throughout this journey and I’m willing to share it with you today

By using a simple selection criteria with a starting bank of 50 points and betting to betfair SP we managed to make 113pts profit to level stakes in 90 days with very high win rate of 34%.

Despite the few losing runs (yes it does happen unfortunately) I still managed to produce on average £3771.60 per month from £100 bets. Thats £377.16 tax free per month from small £10 bets.

Average prices are currently around 5/1 but this can vary slightly depending on the season. The aim isn’t BIG winners although we do land the occasional 10/1 in sometimes higher.

I use my strategy regularly at the tracks and I’m so confident It works that at times you’ll see me lining up at the payout window even before the race has even started…

Now I’m not going to reveal my method, but I’ll tell you right now it has nothing to do with

  • Arbitrage betting
  • Lay betting
  • Dutching
  • Doubling up after every loser

Or any other complex, unnecessary betting type.

“I am willing to let just 75 people have access to my private advice."

All I ask in return is a one-time fee of just £34.99

  • No recurring charges
  • No hidden fees
  • Just a straightforward one a time fee for 90 days access.

For this I will:

  • Send you an email each morning containing the days course/runner analysis followed by the picks that I think are going to make us the most profit on the day.
  • As you can see I actually keep a record of all my bets, updating and analyzing my results weekly which all members will have access to.
  • I cover all the UK and Irish races. (Flat and Jumps)
  • All I ask in return is a one-time fee of just £34.99

I send you the information, you place the bets and we all profit.

It's that simple.

Remember there’s only 75 places on offer here, when they go, I’m closing the doors, no delays, no second chances!! I bet on these selections myself everyday and I simply cannot afford to let the delicate market prices take a dive

I’m offering this as an introductory offer for 3 months (90 days), all I ask for ONE thing in return…

"I want you speak to you at the end of the trial by phone or email so you can show me how successful it has been for you”

75 happy customers will be enough evidence to enable me to re open this again to another 75 participants but this time at a monthly subscription fee. The additional funds from these monthly subscribers will go towards building the members hangout and other ideas for the site that I have planned.

The fastest guns get it at today’s ONE TIME special offer price.


Act now so you’re not left spiraling in the takeoff turbulence of the smart people who are probably filling out the order form as you read this letter


Kindest Regards

Gary Grant